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Writing a Successful Cover Letter

Below are some suggested “quick tips” for writing cover letters. I want to caution you though that each cover letter needs to be tailored to the specific job that you are applying for. You can't just have 1 template anymore and use that for every position. If you can, take the time to find out what the unique problems, challenges etc. of the organization might be. Show them how you have the qualifications to help them solve their problems. And YES, even though you might have some of this on your resume, be sure to key in on some of the main issues in the cover letter as well.

First Paragraph - The “Hook”
  • Introduce your qualifications up front
  • Tell them a story
  • Drop a name
  • Highlight something about their business
  • Jump right into your results
  • Ask a question that makes them think
Middle Paragraph - The “Pitch”
  • You've hooked 'em, now sell 'em!
  • Highlight your relevant qualifications and results
  • (sell your value, what you can offer to make their company better)
  • Target what they need or want
  • Make it clear, easy to read - don't be shy
Last Paragraph - The “Close”
  • Quick summary (one sentence)
  • Call to action (phone call, interview)
  • Tell them how to contact you
  • Thank them

Good luck in writing successful and tailored cover letters!

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